The Design Process.

The website design process is relatively simple for the customer. 

  1. Register a domain name.  Figure out what you would like your domain name to be.  To see what domains are available, click on the FREE website button at the top of the page.  Try out several domain names to see which you like best.  If you choose a .com or a .net domain name, we will buy that domain name for you for the first year (regularly $10/year).  If you can’t decide on just one and want to register 2 or 3 domain names…no problem.  Havaweb will buy your first domain name, you buy the others, and we will link your FREE website to each of your domain names. 
  2. Sign up for your FREE website.  Click on the Sign Up Today button located on our Home or Contact page.  Need help?  Just give us a call 928-505-TECH.  One of our sales representatives would be happy to walk you through it.  
  3. Give us information that will help us design your FREE website.  Go to and fill out the form at the bottom of the page.  Once you have completed the form, submit it to us and send your logo and all pictures to the email address provided on the bottom of the form. 
  4. Once Havaweb has all of our information, it is passed on to one of our professional designers.  Your website designer may call you if they need more information.  Once it is designed, your FREE web design is passed on to a secondary designer to double check spelling and grammar and to test the links and contact form. Following this phase, you will be contacted to see if there are any final adjustments that need to be made. 

Typically, you will see your website design approximately 2 weeks from the date your submit all of your information.  However, we can not guarantee this as it is dependent on our volume of new customers at the time you signed up.  Minor adjustments to your FREE web site are included at no charge for up to 2 weeks after your have been contacted to see your new custom website.   

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