Why a FREE Website?

Havaweb wants to STAND OUT from the average web hosting company.  After all, if we can’t offer our customers something more and something better than other website hosting companies, then why choose us?  That’s why Havaweb decided to offer the FREE website. 

Designing custom websites is the fun part of our job.  It gives us a chance to use our imagination.  What does the FREE web site include, you ask?  It includes from 3 to 10 informational pages.  By informational, it means that your page is static, not interactive – no e-commerce, shopping carts, etc.  Those websites are much more complex and time consuming and can be done for an additional fee.  Your FREE web design includes your pictures (as many as you want), your logo, your content, and an unlimited number of e-mail accounts.  Feel free to check out our FREE website design portfolio. 

So, if Havaweb is giving away the web design for FREE, how does this company make money?  There are two ways, really.  One, Havaweb thrives off of the volume of websites that they host.  We get our volume by offering something for FREE.  After all, who isn’t interested in something for FREE?  Two, Havaweb takes pride in making our customers happy.  By that we mean that our designers truly want to give you a custom website that you will fall in love with.  Even after your FREE web site is completed, we ensure your satisfaction with us by providing excellent uptime with prompt and helpful support to you. 

By offering this kind of deal and excellent customer service, you will want Havaweb to host your website for years to come.

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